Justice for Jamal Jimale  


Omar Kahin of Toronto is fighting for a justice for Jamal Jimale, who was murdered in Hargeisa on July 16 over a protracted land dispute. Omar was a close friend and a relative of Jamal.

Somaliland government has failed to ask for international help for the investigation of the murder of Jamal Jimaale. Jamal was buried in Hargeisa this past Friday, July 22. The cause of his death is a suicide, according to the Somaliland government even though there is no coronary office in the country. But Jamal’s family adamantly believes a land dispute that cost Jamal his life.

It seems there was cover up about the Jamal’s murder. Because Somaliland’s tribal based media, except Hadhwanaagnews, have kept silent about Jamal’s death. Also, the politicians have decided not to ask the government officials serious questions about the murder: Who murdered Jamal? Why was Jamal murdered?

Kahin is asking Canadian government and human rights organizations for help to investigate Jamal’s murder. He is blaming senior Somaliland government officials  for Jamal’s murder.

Ali -Guban