The Judiciary, SOLJA discuss the Drafting of the Press Act


Hargeisa– The Chairman of the High Court of Somaliland, Aden Haji Ali, and the leadership of the Somaliland Press Association, Solja, discussed how to draft the Somaliland Press Act and that the Somaliland High Court should assist Somaliland journalists in the field of legal protection of journalists.

The Chief Justice who is also the President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Somaliland Hon. Adam Haji Ali Ahmed, received in his chambers the officials of the Somaliland Media Association (SOLJA) over the week, led by the Chairman of the Association, Shaafi Mohamed Ibrahim.

The purpose of the meeting was general information exchange and the acceleration of cooperation between the judiciary and the SOLJA.

The SOLJA officials in the process asked professional support from the judiciary department in the drafting of the press laws and also training to strengthen the media’s understanding of the general laws.

On the other hand, CJ Adam welcomed the officials from the SOLJA organization, and underlined that the justice sector depended on the media fraternity in bolstering its services as per dissemination to the members of the public and in advancement of sciences for the work-flow processes.

He pointed out the importance of drafting comprehensive media law, and urged the SOLJA officials to also work closely with the House of Representatives and other stakeholders, including the Ministry of Information.

The CJ praised the media for their honorable role in nation building and called on them to pay special attention to effective programs that build the intelligence of our society.

By M.A. Egge


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