Somaliland reaffirms its pre conditions regarding future talks with Somalia


Somaliland Minister of foreign affairs, Essa Kayd who has returned home from Djibouti on Tuesday has reaffirmed the government’s commitment to place pre-conditions on future talks with Somalia.

The Minister believes that Somalia still is not serious regarding the talks, underlining that Somalia officials did not respect the previous agreements reached by the two sides. Meanwhile, Dr, Essa Kayd denied that President Bihi had a political meeting with his Somalia counterpart in Djibouti.

This week, the Somaliland Presidency said the talks should find a two state solution and there must be an international mediation mechanism that could take the responsibility of the implementation for the agreements reached by the two sides.

Speaking about the US-Africa summit, the minister stated that Biden’s administration did not invite Somaliland to the meeting due to the lack of international recognition. However, the minister clarified in strong terms that Somaliland was not excluded from the US-Africa summit due to authoritarian issues.