WorldRemit founder criticizes EU for Waaheen market contribution

Ismail Ahmed, Founder and CEO of Worldremit
Ismail Ahmed, Founder and CEO of Worldremit

The founder of Worldremit company and also the chairman of Sahamiye Foundation, Ismail Ibrahim Ahmed, has strongly criticized Qadhaan $100,000 that the European Union has begged to participate in supporting the business of their livestock. Missed the burnt market in Waheen.

The European Union has issued a press release about 100 thousand dollars, which they said will help small businessmen affected by the fire disaster that hit Waheen market in Harg city.

Ismail Ibrahim Ahmed who is following the amount of money that was given by the European Union, said that the 100,000 thousand dollars is giving a wrong picture of the emergency market and the support of the small businessmen in the market. Distributed over 2 Million Dollars.

“The EU-Press release reported that a donation of €100,000 will help small businesses in Waheen to buy food and water and get their business back up.

News published on the EU’s website with 60 million monthly visits provides a misleading image of small businesses still unprofessional and waiting for agencies.

The EU shared the news knowing that the small businessmen had been distributed over $2 million for resuming their business, and the money Somalis donated to exceed $20 million.

Apart from cutting the expenses of the institutions managed by the donations, the remaining part could only be four total of the said food and water to the market traders.

The press release which was very effective made this small donation bigger than what our people paid when Google searches the market.” Says Ismail Ibrahim Ahmed, founder of Worldremit Company.