The President of Somaliland presented to The World the importance of The Agreement with Ethiopia for the Security of the region


The president of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, said that Somaliland is struggling to get international recognition from the international community, which it has longed for in the 33 years since its independence from Somalia.

The President of Somaliland, who spoke about this in an interview with the Financial Times newspaper, stated that the Isfahan agreement with Ethiopia gives Somaliland the opportunity to support international efforts to protect ships in the Gulf of Adam and the Red Sea. Where there is an influx of insecurity.

The president of Somaliland has announced that Ethiopia will establish a military base on the coast of Somaliland, while Somaliland has chosen to recognize the independence of Somaliland.

Md. Muse Bihi Abdi noted that the historic agreement signed by Ethiopia confirms the vision and the way forward for Somaliland to receive international recognition.

President Bihi added that the recognition would lead Somaliland to earn more funding, as the country’s economy of $3.4 billion dollars comes from Somaliland’s maritime trade, remittances and livestock exports.

Also, the President of Somaliland described as baseless the statements of Somalia which claimed that the Isfahan agreement between Somaliland and Ethiopia is increasing the extremist groups.

President Muse Bihi said that he hopes that the people of Somaliland will support the agreement that his government made with Ethiopia and the plan to complete it is underway.

The Financial Times newspaper reported that the Somaliland president’s office has a copy of the agreement that gave Somaliland its independence from Britain in 1960, after which it united with the Italian-ruled Somaliland. – the freedom she enjoys.


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