Ethiopia is Worried about The economic Crisis


The Ethiopian government, led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, is concerned about the economic crisis that has worsened, which has affected basic services and government plans.

The Minister of Finance of Ethiopia, Ahmed Shidde, dismissed the deteriorating economy of Ethiopia, as he told the Parliament about the economic problem that has even affected the country’s income and the government’s spending.

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Finance said that $4.2 billion was received in loans and grants this year.

Also, the Ministry said that what was planned was to confirm the $2.4 billion (“decision”) which was assessed at “171 percent of the desired plan.”

However, the disclosure of the problem, came as part of the assessment of the performance of the Ministry’s Budget for the nine months.

This year’s fundraising results have been revealed. According to the Ministry, it was planned to collect 356.5 billion birr in taxes, but 337.9 billion was collected.

In this regard, the Ministry assessed 94.8 percent of the performance of the nine-month plan and 69.6 percent of the overall performance of the fiscal year plan.

Therefore, she expressed her concern about the decrease in the budget.

The circumstances that Ethiopia has inherited from the internal problems and the traces of the last wars, in addition to the instability in the interior and the western countries that have retired after the government of Abiy Ahmed moved directly to the alliance of China and Russia in the BRICS which is in the middle, which the western alliance led by the United States is in great opposition to, while the BRICS alliance held meetings in Addis Ababa to plan how to deal with the economic problems of African countries, especially those who joined the alliance, Ethiopia and Egypt in the first place, with Ethiopia and Egypt both rely on poor economic and political conditions.


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