The NAGAAD umbrella held a graduation ceremony for 80 women traders in the Waheen market


The Somaliland Women’s Association, NAGAAD, held a graduation ceremony for some women traders at Waheen Market in Hargeisa.

The graduation ceremony which was held at the headquarters of the Nagaad umbrella, was attended by the Chairman of the Nagaad umbrella, members of the umbrella, officials from the Ministry of Employment, various heads.

These business women who graduated, numbered 80, and completed 6 months of the Somali Language and Mathematics course.

This project was supported by the NAGAAD umbrella in cooperation with the OXFAM organization which paid the salaries of the teachers.

The project plan was part of Hibo and Haween’s Maternal Education Program created by Hibo-Nura.

First of all, the president of the Somaliland Women’s Association of NAGAAD, Ismahan Abdisalan, gave a speech at the graduation ceremony, and she addressed the forum with congratulations and encouragement to the women who graduated today. learn something very important to increase their skills and improve their business.

Also, some of the leaders and officials who attended the graduation ceremony of Hoddan also spoke about the occasion and congratulated Hoddan who graduated today.

At the end of the event, the forum was awarded certificates and equipment as well as money to further develop their business which was supported by NAGAAD in collaboration with OXFAM.

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