Somaliland NEC held a conference today engaging Somaliland civil society organizations (CSOs)


Hargeisa, Somaliland – June 4, 2024: The Somaliland National Electoral Commission (SLNEC) held a comprehensive conference today at the Ali Jirde Hotel, bringing together civil society organizations (CSOs) to discuss the upcoming elections. This initiative aims to promote transparency and inclusivity in the electoral process, reinforcing SLNEC’s commitment to a democratic and open election.

The conference was inaugurated by the Chairman of SLNEC , who provided a detailed introduction to the election updates. Key topics included important dates and milestones leading up to the elections, scheduled for November 13, 2024. Emphasis was placed on the vital role of civil society in the electoral process, highlighting the importance of their continued collaboration and engagement in ensuring a free and fair election.

*Key topics addressed during the conference included:*

1.Voter Registration System Audit: SLNEC detailed the ongoing audit of the voter registration system to ensure accuracy and reliability.

2. Institutional Capacity Assessment: An evaluation of SLNEC’s institutional capacity was presented, aimed at enhancing operational efficiency.

3. Biometric Voter Verification System: SLNEC discussed the implementation of a biometric system to improve voter verification processes.

4. Development and Review of Policies and Procedures: SLNEC is actively developing and reviewing policies to strengthen electoral integrity and governance.

5.Securing Election Funds: SLNEC announced a total funding requirement of $18 million for the upcoming elections. To date, $10 million has been allocated from the government budget, with $5 million already transferred to SLNEC’s account.

The government of Somaliland has committed an additional $8 million. Moreover, contributions from the governments of Taiwan and Norway are forthcoming, and discussions with international donors are ongoing to resolve technical issues.
The conference concluded with an announcement of SLNEC’s first follow-up meeting, scheduled to continue these critical discussions leading up to the elections on November 13, 2024. SLNEC remains dedicated to ensuring a transparent, inclusive, and well-coordinated electoral process, and appreciates the vital support and engagement of civil society organizations in achieving this goal.

Abdifatah Hassan Yusuf
Executive director
Horn of Africa social policy and development centre


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