Somaliland Lawyer recommends the opposition parties to get ready for upcoming Political Association Election


One of the Prominent lawyers in Somaliland, Mubarik Aar believes that its the right time for the opposition parties to accept to participate in the upcoming Political parties and associations election and could be the final solution to Somaliland’s months long poll dispute.

Mubarik Aar, a Somaliland lawyer who also commentates on the current political situation, recommended the opposition parties to participate in the upcoming controversial political parties and association election which the date of the election has not yet been officially announced.

He listed out five strategies applied by the government to weaken the opposition parties which he referred to as β€œUnconstitutional.” Elaborating the strategies, he stated that the government used all other government institution branches against the opposition for the benefit of its own interest.

On the other side, the lawyer said opposition parties are the majority of the house of representatives but failed to control their lawmakers citing that some of the opposition MPs have defected to political associations.

However, Mubarik Aar told the opposition parties to get ready for the upcoming political parties and association election as they have β€œthe majority supporters.” He also asked the President to be part of the solution and make compromises in order for the nation to avoid further long standing disputes.


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