President Ahmed Silaanyo’s Closing Speech at KULMIYE Party Convention.


In The Name of Allah the Most Merciful Most Magnificent;

(Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim)

  • I praise the members of the supreme, executive and central committees for the successful conclusion that the two-day assembly of the convention of the KULMIYE Party Central Committee ended.


  • I congratulate the two successful aspirants who were picked by the Party Convention as the candidates in the forthcoming elections hence I wish them every success for their future political career.


  • I praise the Health Minister Hon. Suleiman Isse Ahmed alias Hagle-Toosiye for having depicted an inimitable epitome of political maturity, despite having failed to secure the victory that was necessary for his nomination as the presidential running-mate.

siil kul

  • I thank all the distinguished personalities who dignified and graced the occasion of this convention.


  • I salute you for the grand appreciatory tribute of honour that you have awarded me.


  • I call upon all Kulmiye party stalwarts to unite in solidarity and assertively invoke conciliatory overtures to address and reconcile all differences and conflicts that have rippled within.


  • Lastly, as a lasting legacy, I appeal to the Kulmiye Party Chairman who is also the party’s flag-bearer in the forthcoming Presidential Elections to exert great efforts and to do everything in his power (leave no stone untouched) in order to keep not only the party soundly united but also hold together the party’s long-established broad grassroots supporters.




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