Feisal Ali: Igal was the founder of Somaliland


Egal was a fighter for Somaliland. In 1993, Egal expelled all UN staff from Somaliland because they were undermining his efforts to build a functioning state structure and to unite Somaliland people.

Let’s not forget, it was a tumultuous time in the history of our young nation: Militias belonging to the subclans who challenged Egal administration’s authority were controlling the airport, and were getting support from the UN through a rogue General
Jama Ghalib.

And most of Hargeisa’s buildings were completely bombed out or roofless by the barbaric attacks of the Siad Barre military.

Egal and the United Nations had a contentious relationship until he passed away in 2002.
Feisal Ali: Cigaal waa Aasaasihii Somaliland.