We Must Crack down The Radical Ictisaam Clergies in Somaliland


    The radical Ictisaam clergies and Al-Shabaab sympathizers in Somaliland are having a field day because of the heavy losses Somaliland troops suffered in the Las-Anood Battle.

    This Friday prayer sermon the Anti-Somaliland Ictisaam clergies started a well-orchestrated, choreographed campaign in the places of worship to celebrate and mock Somaliland after the our military suffered heavy losses in the battle of Las-Anood.

    The radical Ictisaam and Al-shabaab sympathizers clerics use the pulpit to propagate their extreme agenda to bring down the Somaliland system of government.

    For example, the radical cleric, Sheikh Mohamed is the Imam of Al-Huda Masjid. He was comparing Somaliland with the former tyrannical regime of Somalia.

    He was saying that Somaliland lost this past Friday battle because they committed war crimes by shelling hospitals, places of worship, and residential areas–which is a big lie.. In other words, he was saying Somaliland deserved to be defeated because they were transgressors. Some of these extreme clergies were disseminating this information in Hargeisa, Burao, Borama and other SL towns.

    Sheikh Mohamed Ali runs a Kuwait and Qatar funded charity school for the orphans in Hargeisa.. But people pay a fee of $250 a month to enroll in the school. They also have a bakery,a food catering ,and transportation company. All these businesses are registered as a charity organization.

    The main mission of the radical clerics is to create “Fear and confusion” among the public.Basically, they are aiding and giving coomforn our enemy. They are part of a wider concerted effort for Somaliland to wave the white flag of surrender.But that will not happen.

    We must fight and push back these radical elements.

    To start, we should not also give a public platform to give legitimacy to Al-Shabaab , al-I’tisam sympathizers, or Somalia apologists.

    We should also stop this Sheikh and others from using JSL Radio, television medium, or places of worship , getting license to open charity , or businesses until we know for sure that they believe our constitution, take the oath of allegiance to Somaliland nation, and follow and respect our laws to safeguard our nation and public safety.

    Most Muslims do not monetize religion for their own selfish interest unlike Sheikh Umul, Sheikh Dirir and others. We earn our living like the way the followers of the prophet Muhammed used to do— hard work.

    DAAWO:Sheekh Reer Somaliland oo ku farxay jabkii ciidanka qaranka:

    These radical clerics have become monks and catholic priests, and they do not have anything in common with the way our prophet used to spread our peaceful religion.

    We must stop them before their narrow Wahabi interpretation of Islam poison the rest of the country. We must also be vigilant and protect our freedom because Somaliland is under siege.

    But the problem is the dithering of our elected leaders to take decisive action against the extreme clerics who are very determined to bring down our Republic. We cannot go business as usual.


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