President Confirms Suspension of Somalia-Somaliland talks in an INTERVIEW


HARGEISA — The New president of the republic HE Musa Bihi has urged on Sunday the Somali Federal Govt to stop what he called interfering in the internal affairs of Somaliland.

The Head of State made the remarks in his first interview aired in the Horn Cable TV tonight that what Somali authority is ignoring is that Somaliland under British protectorate merged with Somalia under the Italian rule.

He said that they refuse the accept the reality that both used to be independent before the unification and called Somalia to respect the sovereign state of Somaliland.

The President has clearly indicated that Somali authority has no jurisdiction in the control of Somaliland airspace and land. He called that both should respect the brotherly ties between the two sides.

The Head of State has said that the deal will be implemented as agreed by the three sides. Hon. Musa has talked about the suspension of the expected talks which were supposed to reopen in Djibouti. He stated clearly that there is no favorable atmosphere due to the strained ties between the two sides.