Pandering to Clan identity Politics Has Failed Somaliland


Hargeisa (HP): It is a shame for a failed, incompetent politicians like Suleiman “ The Muslim”, Muse Bihi, Cirro, Feisal, Jirdeh, to hold hostage the political process of Somaliland for over 3 decades!

The average age of these leaders are. 73.4 years while the mean average age of Somaliland is 28.5.

These individuals do not believe the JSL constitution, the rule of law and true democratic based on one man one vote. They are “ Sowers and exploiters of division”. They truly believe Somaliland to be a tribal society and not a modern country.
Our politicians are not properly, seriously, and competently addressing the immense problems the country is facing: Abject poverty, systemic youth unemployment, lack of diplomatic recognition, recurring droughts, corruption and bad governance, and a host of other problems.

They are not making tough decisions to make Somaliland forward because they are busy controlling and siphoning foreign aid and the power and wealth that comes with it.

They use the foreign aid to control and divide ignorant masses who are obsessed with clan identity politics, and do not know what the government is and how it works!

Somaliland is not going anywhere as long as parochial politicians who are obsessed with clan identity politics are on the steering wheel of the country. We cannot continue like this.

It is time to send these old, failed politicians into retirement, and bring people with new ideas and energy needed to give the SL people a fighting chance for  a better future. I believe the game is up  for Bihi and other failed politicians.

Ali- Guban