Is The Radical “ Ictisaam” Group a Terrorist or Religious Organization?


I want share with you this interesting piece about about how the radical “ Ictisaam” terrorists are plotting against our republic.

Sheikh Berberawi knows them well because he used to be a member of the group. “Ictisaam” goal is to bring down our Republic and then take over it.

They do not believe our constitution, our flag, and our system of government. They hate Republic of Somaliland. They use the places of worship , social media, rogue clan elders, to create “ Fear and confusion “ among the public.

They are being financed by corrupt merchants such as Dahabshiil, Telesom and others who have been subverting our system of government, for the last two decades.

The radical “ Ictisaam” clerics were celebrating the killings, torture, and mutilation of the bodies of our soldiers on the hands of armed thugs in Las-Anood.

They want JSL to collapse within, and they’re diligently doing their part.

We must be vigilant because our republic is under siege.



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