Breaking: Somaliland has foiled an organized plan against the security of Sanaag region

Sanaag region

The Somaliland Police Force in Sanaag region, with the help of the third part of the National Army, foiled an organized plan to disrupt the security of Sanaag region, according to the governor of Sanaag region, Ahmed Abdi Muse.

The governor of Sanaag region, who was reporting to the Somaliland government news agency SOLNA, said that the national forces confronted a group that wanted to threaten the security of the city of Eerigabo and Sanaag region through insecurity, thanking the forces for thwarting this organized plan.

Also, the Governor welcomed the intelligence and intelligence, the administration of Sanaag region and the police forces and those who worked with the nation to defeat the group that tried to make riots in the city of Eerigabo.

The governor continued his speech, he urged the people of Eerigabo to stand up against anyone who is a threat to the security of Somaliland and the city of Eerigabo and the areas of Sanaag region.

Finally, the governor of Sanaag region pointed out that there is a need for a united Eerigabo and Sanaag region.


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