Somaliland: VP tours areas devastated by Tropical cyclone Sagar


HARGEISA— H.E vice President Abdirahaman Abdillahi Ismail (Saylici) on Monday toured by air the inaccessible coastal areas most affected by the powerful tropical cyclone Sagar in past few days, He also visited the devastated coastal villages of Yago and Garyaara both located in Lughaya district to deliver much needed aid to vulnerable citizens and also to oversee their evacuation to the nearest town centers.

8220;Thousands of people and livestock have been affected by the flash flooding, displacement and the destruction of infrastructure in Sagar’s wake and it’s only now we’re witnessing the scope of the devastation but the full extent of the damage is yet to be fully confirmed,” he said.

The Vice President also toured the towns of Hadayta, maame, gargaara, ido-cadays, garbodadar, cabdi geedi, lughaya, riiga karuura and other affected areas.

The death toll has risen to 31 deaths, 18 in Lughaya district while another 4 persons are missing the Vice President and his delegation were briefed by residents.

Meanwhile, the ministry of health and both local and international NGO’s have delivered medicine, food, tents and other essentials to affected families living in inaccessible areas.