Somaliland: VP Encourages Youth to Refrain from Tribalism


Hargeisa, (HargeisaPress) —The Vice President H.E. Abdirahman Abdilahi Saili’i has urged the youth to shun tribalism.

The VP made the sentiments as he addressed a gathering that observed the Int’l Youth Day in Hargeisa yesterday at a function that is held on a yearly basis on every 12th of August.

In reiterating the Theme of this Year, Youth Building Peace, the VP urged the younger members of the society to “maintain peace and stability at all times such that progress and development may be achieved for national prosperity”. He noted that the youth where the backbone of “every society hence the movers of issues that matter”. He appealed to pursue their education and try their best to make good use of their time.

He urged to refrain from tribalism as he said that it only tears communities apart. In addition to that, he also appealed the youth not to emigrate through human trafficking and end up dark lanes of European towns. He advised the youth that in lieu of wasting 10 to 20 thousand dollars to human trafficking that it is better to put the funds into productive projects in the country.

HargeisaPress News Desk — Hargeysa

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