Statehood and Clan Loyalty cannot coexist!! Author: Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh (Hussein Deyr)


There are moments in life when our civic duty appeals to our moral conscience to repel and refuse against anyone who tries to undermine our social core values and the shared national interest that binds our society together!”

I believe there is something special about being Somalilander! The spirit of Somalilanders, the capacity for common and shared destiny that allows us to pull together in times of challenge and times of hardship! The reconciliatory cultural approach that allows us to resolve our disputes, our moral ability to forgive each other, the culture of consensus and the capacity to agree something which previously appeared to be impossible! This is something that I personally consider VERY SPECIAL to be Somalilander! Nevertheless, the true nature, power, moral fibre and quality of Somaliland people manifests when we are united and stand together as a nation! Not when we are a splintered, quarrelling, rivalling, and polarized society!77 ever more worsening but not actually existing conflict!!


There are a lot of other exemplary cultural and social aspects upon which we could be proud of as Somalilanders. Take for instance the way in which Somaliland people have developed a unique form of governance which could be a model for state-building in other countries in the region or elsewhere. Without any help or support from outside, throughout the time the people of Somaliland have tremendously demonstrated their ability to combine traditional social system with modern democratic principles through grassroots. Somaliland’s form of governance is a valuable approach and the art of managing affairs for those seeking to build stable governments in a fragile and volatile region where failed states are rather common than exception. The form of Somaliland’s institutions of governance, including the mix of traditional and modern political arrangement, has evolved over time in response to changing governance needs and public ideas. This capacity to change the institutional framework without the overthrow or wholesale renovation of the nation has been critical in the sustainability of state- and peace-building processes and progress in governance. This is something that makes Somaliland people proud and being VERY SPECIAL and UNIQUE!!


However, against the above outlined quality and values familiar with the people of Somaliland, there is something that stands in stark contrast: the ridiculous, pointless and divisive political rhetoric which currently being bombarded by short-sighted and insensitive Somaliland politicians who puts Somaliland’s image and national credibility in danger. These sort politicians are equipped with toxic tribal mentality and they rarely speak about the shared national interest that binds our society together. Somaliland people are very loyal, resilient, law abiding, decent and devoted citizens, but regrettably they remain under the grip and influence of visionless and divisive politicians who are only focusing on their own best interest with little concern for how their actions will affect the others.


We need vibrant debates that breed sense of nationhood:


There is no a single day that goes by that we see individuals that have become associated with malicious TV appearance with solely one goal into their mind: to deceive and influence public opinion. When people live for themselves, focusing only on their own best interest with little concern for how their actions affect others, this will result moral decay that soon or later contaminates the entire nation. This kind of behaviour not only creates mistrust, discontent and disagreement among our citizens but it also consumes much of time and energy of many Somalilanders at home and in abroad.


Somaliland people deserved intellectually well-constructed debates that embody practical importance and may contribute to our social values. Somaliland citizens need a profound and valuable social and political debate that not only inhibits the chronic and incurable clan mentality but also breeds a sense of nationhood and citizenship among Somaliland society. Somaliland people need vigorous but mind expanding political debates that expose the weakness and the dark side of the divisive politician. Our nation has neither need for nor benefit from the senseless and divisive political rhetoric which currently being bombarded by short-sighted and insensitive Somaliland politicians.

There are moments in life when it becomes an obligation to speak out clearly in united voices against the wrong political affairs that affects our social values. At the moment, there are lot of socially unacceptable political trends practiced by short-sighted and divisive politicians who are completely devoid of any sense of citizenship and social responsibility. There are moments in life when our civic duty appeals to our moral conscience to repel and combat against everyone who tries to disrupt our peaceful society. I believe the time has come when Somaliland citizens should stand up together and free themselves from the lifelong grip of divisive and visionless politicians that holding them hostage!!


Somaliland citizens are morally obliged to SAY NO against the negative clannish influence propagated by unpatriotic, uncommitted and uncaring politicians who are constantly dividing us and creating social split and confusion among Somaliland citizens. Statehood and Clan Loyalty cannot coexist together!! That’s why we have to get rid off the harmful and pessimistic influence of insensitive and opportunist Somaliland politicians and this must be considered as a paramount civic duty for every Somaliland citizen. This is a reality on the ground that we should have to face up, a moral challenge and categorical imperative from which no one can escape.


In conclusion, the future of our country and people is in our hands, and it is as bright as we make it! Therefore, for the sake of the future of our country and people, for the sake of our children and young generation we have to choose to fight for what we believe in or not!


God Bless the Republic of Somaliland and its Noble people


Author: Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh (Hussein Deyr) [Hargeysa, Republic of Somaliland]


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