Measures introduced by the Agri ministry to ensure quality seeds in Somaliland

Minister of Agricultural development, Hon. Ahmed Mumin Seed

HARGEISA–Local firms and int’l organizations seed dealers are apprised to comply with set of procedures for ensuring the quality of seeds in Somaliland.

This was disclosed by the Minister of Agricultural development, Hon. Ahmed Mumin Seed who issued directives on keeping the quality of seed imports in Somaliland.

  1. It is ordered that seeds will be sold in local markets if they are bought in the Horn of Africa Kenya and Ethiopia which have the climate with Somaliland.
  2. Seeds should have certifications and should be purchased from aforementioned countries.
  3. The ministry prefers the farmers to use home grown seeds and those provided by local NGO’s such as HAVOYOCO and FAO as well as the ministry of agriculture.
  4. Seeds imported from overseas should be brought to the ministry for ensuring seed quality.
  5. The farming community are advised to keep home grown seeds in order to use when they are faced with lack of it.
  6. Seed dealers must receive certifications from the ministry once new seeds are brought and a sample should be brought to the ministry.
  7. The directive will go into effect until Seed quality policy is formed by the ministry