Germany & Australia to invest in energy and water sectors in Somaliland


HARGEISA, Somaliland— Australia and Germany will likely to invest in energy and water resources in Somaliland, local Officials and International reports say.

“We thank the Senior Experten Service (SES) for investing in this project and hope the local people in Gabiley and their leadership will regard this dam as their own instead of a foreign company-owned one,” said the General Director of Ministry of Agriculture Development Mohamed Ilmi Aden.

The Bonn-based company’s page reads, “The SES has been helping people to help themselves since 1983 – all around the world, in every industry and sector.”

Meanwhile, Australia’s SALTERNAS PTY, The world’s largest solar-salt project to invest in $US110m up to 190 Million US Dollar for solar projects in Berbera, according to a report published by the company in its site.

“We are hoping to find people like ourselves, people who have reached that part of their lives where they’ve done well and they want to put something back into Africa,” Colin Roberts, the chairman of Salternas told The Australian.

Local officials say these projects will help tens of thousands of people to overcome the challenges brought by recurrent droughts in terms of watering both their livestock and agriculture and will create jobs for youngsters.

By Ahmed Abdi