SOMALILAND: “Let’s All Unite Against Corruption”- Anti-Corruption Commission Chairman

Chairman of Somaliland Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Commission Mr. Ahmed Mohummed Madar

Hargeisa , (HargeisaPress) —On International Anti-corruption Day, “Let us isolate the corruption alliance” is (GGACC) Somaliland Good Governance and Anti Corruption Commission’s 2016 theme in an effort of showing its commitment on ending any sort of corruption from Somaliland public agencies.

“I am informing all Somaliland people and government agencies as well to ‘isolate and stand against the corruption alliance’. In order to have a good governance and healthy community, we need to show that we are community which have zero tolerance to any sort of corruption,” this has been stated in a press statement issued by the Chairman of Somaliland Good Governance and Anti Corruption Commission Mr. Ahmed Mohummed Madar.

As disclosed by a study conducted by the good governance commission, unhappy Chairman has pointed his finger at institutions and areas to be likely involved in corruption which are including; the national commission responsible for the tender and particularly during tender process, tax authorities, customs, judiciary and the justice system, working hours and power abuses.

“Those areas are mainly susceptible or liable to be influenced by corruption and corruption mongers,” noted Ahmed Madar. “Corruption is the biggest curse or disaster that undermines and threatens development, regulations, governance which, in the meantime, leads injustice, poverty and wide spread mal-administration which becomes dishonest and incompetent, as it will affect all government agencies and community sectors.”

In an effort to tackle the spreading of the corruption in the country, Chairman Madar, – though many blames his Commission as well as the Auditor General Office of doing little to stem corruption, which gave a chance for the corruption mongers to scuttle the progress of the country as they stashed away hundreds and hundreds of dollars in their private accounts, – spoke about his Commission’s planned activities in fighting against corruption as he urged government officials and all national government bodies to show a real commitment by showing unity against the corruption and dishonesty.

He likewise highlighted that the legal Act of the good governance and anti-corruption commission will be reviewed as amendments and changes became necessary to be made. To achieve this goal, Mr. Madar noted that he will have a close cooperation this with the concerned government agencies such as; the legislation and executive branches.

He also pointed out that his agency will soon start the registration of the assets of the senior government officials, in order to prevent from any possibilities of embezzlement done by those nominated officials.

According to Ahmed Mohummed Madar, National Good Governance Perception and Functional Review Surveys will be conducted across Somaliland regions.

He eventually noted that the commission will conduct mass awareness risings regarding the fight against corruption and the dishonesty which he stated will be based on the examples of the practices of the Islamic Shari’a and its values.

“I am finally calling for all government bodies, all local and international agencies in the country, civil society groups, Somaliland citizen to jointly isolate and unite against corruption alliance. As this could lead our society to become healthy and well-informed which can take their leaders who are responsible for doing national obligations to account and in the meantime have zero tolerance to any sort of corruption.”