Somaliland European Diasparo Conference 2018.


Hargaysa (Hargeisapress) Somaliland European Diasparo Conference 2018 held in UK, This conference organised by the ministry of foriegn affairs of the republic of somaliland.

The conference is aimed to strengten the role of diaspro in somaliland economic development, They Shared ideas,and exprience of thier ability aimed to give back to somaliland Economic development.

The Vice president of the republic of Somaliland Abdirahman Saylici, Ex minister of foriegn affairs Dr Adna Adan and Deputy Minister of foriegn affairs and international Corporation Liban Yusuf and Ambassador Ayan Mohamud Ashur are the leading team of this conference.

“Every Single one of you have something to give and give back to somaliland you were spared from being pushed in to mass graves for a reason, for a purpose for you to come back and speak for the voiceless,and deffend human rights Deffend human values, Defend Peace and instability Defend progress and take your responsibility positively” Said Drs Adna Aden.

Ahmedyasin sh cumar Ahmed