Proffisional journalist and polition man HE Husseein Harbi stand for on the camping parlamentarial Candidates 2020


Hargaysa (Hargeisa Press): Profisional journalist and polition man h.e xuseen xarbi stand for on the camping parlamenterial Candidates 2020 .H.E Hussein harbi Has along profisional political analS Include journalist senior And policy news present He stand as candidate and decleared his demons of candidance before 5year agoHe has a different experienceActivity and top background in his history he is among youth generation want to taken part national policy and development lead.

More people in maroodijeex reigional of supporters could be vote him when Election term cames those life in deferent regions in the country most of them are lifed in the city capital Hargeisa.
He is well known member
Candidate husein Harbi has along provisional topical transfer include policy explanation media Investigation and good targets .He declear his campaing in 2014 year.
He is stand now on soon Came parlamenterial Candidates 2020.
He has supporters consist friend and civil sociaty those know him well and could be witnesses for his personal active.
He can change some thing for his good personal activity and provisions his Most supports are expect to came from youth generation because He is among youth generation Those could led the country to good rolle direction of developmen side.
He was editor and deputy head of maandeeq news paper and dawan media groupHe has being work about 29 years he started his first work at snm information news ILAYSNEWS paperIn 1992 he work 26 June news paper which controlled by the government.
When returned at country he began his work at ministry of information in 1992In 1993 1997 he work geeska africa news paper b the govIn 1998 He was stablishers of Maandeeq state media news paper at once he become deputy head leader most he work as Reporter and producer and news EditorHe works at local goverments and become principles of the capital cityIn Early part of 2014 He declared that He is stand for camping parlamenterial Candidates 2020.

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