FM admits the temporary halt of the construction of UAE military base in Somaliland

foreign minister, Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire

HARGEISA —The ex-Somaliland President, His Excellency Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo accomapnied by former first lady, Ms. Amina Weris are in Dubai while the country’s foreign minister, Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire and SL representative to the UAE Mr. Bashe Awil are also in the UAE.

The UAE authority called on former President for talks having inked the UAE deal with Somaliland over the construction of UAE military base in Berbera and Dubai Ports World takeover of Berbera port. The UAE and Somaliland authority are locked horns over the terms of the agreement signed while the incumbent president is eager to see the UAE to review the terms.

Somaliland’s FM Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire has categorically said that the mayor of Berbera, Hon. Abdishakur Idin has temporarily halted construction work at the site of a proposed UAE military base in the port city of Berbera which was under construction. The minister while in the UAE spoke to Geeska Afrika newpaper staff who contacted via e-mail and said that the SL authoriity has demanded to the UAE to submit the design of the military base which he siad that they dragged their feed to urgently submit the request.

The minister has admitted that the land donated to the UAE to construct their base is owned by civilians which they refused to accept compensations to be piad. Dr. Sa’ad said that he will meet with UAE officials in  order to bring the stand off  to an end about the military base. The minister further added that it was become beyond the capability of SL authority to pay the compensation to many civilains who owned the land donated to the UAE to build the military facility and due to that circumstance then the land has been decreased.

The FM has further added that the new land design has been sent to the UAE and still they are awaiting their response. The FM has reiterated that work of the construction of the military base will resume soon. The new adminstration has put pressure on Dubia Ports World to start the construction of new port despite the modernization of Berbera port as being part and parcel of the agreement which the UAE is still dragging their feet.