World Bank & Finance Ministry Agree to Improve reforming finances in Somaliland


HARGEISA—The Assistant treasury minister, Hon. Mohamed Dahir Ahmed leading Somaliland delegate has returned to Hargeisa after wrapping up four day working visit to Kenya, Nairobi capital.

The deputy finance minister has said that he held talks with senior World Bank officails during his trip to Kenya.

The World Bank is funding six projects in Somaliland at the moment.

  1. The Civil service strengthening reform program.
  2. The Public financial Management Capacity Strenthening Project(PFM)
  3. The Water for Agro Pastrol  Pilot Project(WALP)
  4. The Core economic institutions and opportunities program (Score).
  5. The Urban Investment Preparation Project (SUIPP).
  6. The Improvement of the Port.

The government of Somaliland signed an agreement with the World Bank officials in Nairobi to fund and oversee the implementation of aforementioned projects in the country.

The WB and Somaliland delegation reached an agreement to set up a Pension system in Somaliland.

The Somaliland delegation met with DFID officials, and a firm, Price Waterhouse coopers (PWC) which supports the country on finance reforms.