UN Monitoring Group has announced it has begun an investigation on the corruption analysts tell The oil minister of Somaliland and mineral sources tell The Documents


news logo HPChris Wall / Addis Ababa, (Xinhua) – The United Nations (United Nations) for monitoring and follow-up issues of corruption in the UN Monitoring Group called, has officially launched an investigation on the corruption characterized oil contract Somaliland Ministry of mineral exploration with foreign companies and the role of the most prominent Genel Energy.

President recommends wanted to give up sovereignty of Somaliland Independent and calling Nicholas Kay to interest group UN Wada test

The group Monitoring Group are already a lot of questions being asked about the preliminary agreement sent to Mines Minister Hussein Abdi Duale (negative phase) to respond, which akideen diplomatic sources xogagaal in Nairobi and as well as Interior Minister Ali internet and Addis Ababa to admitted they came for the group Monitoring Group to ask a number of factors, including those related to oil and Security (Security).

Cali International Crisis Group and currently in Addis Ababa this week, has been built on the purpose of travel to Hargeisa tagayey Ethiopia says the country from the authorities negotiate how to open the border between the two countries, while knowing that it last week between the ranks of the two governments as the President continued slowing Addis Ababa Radio London and continue his medical tests and is now at rest. However, there are reports clearer and clearly shows that the Monitoring Group of the International Crisis Group Cali Addis Ababa meetings with the introduction of baadhitaankoodan, which has now been six months since he told Reuters in the same preparing Monitoring Group as checks happen.

Mines Minister’s statements during the Heritage Foundation described a fraud and waxyeelanayey dignity (Defamation), and together with his son sodoga is President Bush’s Bashir, Prosecution, Police and Garsoorkaba lawsuit did Reuters and Guddoomiyhiisa Yusuf Abdi Ali Ahmed Tafatirihiisa Gaboobe and happy, while the President described the evidence against you one wanted Mines and Energy Minister Viktor Hussein Ali.

According to Reuters in light of some Cadadyadiisii ​​before the doors to the fold on April 7, 2014, it is expected that the Monitoring Group to focus on the study started out Mines Minister Abdi and individuals responsible official I not the government, but in close contact with the government of the country.

Dateline 25-month 6-year president of the Heritage Foundation and editor interview between three and four jail and a fine of 50 million Somaliland Shilings, and both quite laashay Newspapers and Magazines in Somaliland Times past When the court crime wrong several articles Reuters wrote factors mismanagement and corruption both in   He masuuladeeda Minister iron xidhiidhayey activities oil.

Thus, complex sentences Newspapers fell immediately caught the attention of the world media has resulted in many parts of the world may know of corruption in the oil contracts for government officials sought to latest-basaan, and Reuters as the writes, which now caused a promotion planned inspection activities of the UN Monitoring Group.

Meanwhile banquet accidental recently put forth by President Nicholas Kay   to its most come while the Minister of State Mohamed Younis Mare is the purpose behind this invitation direction to danleeyihiin that Mr Kay’s Annual report on Somalia in the Security Council passed a good year in illegal Somaliland, as it sources have told us that the main purpose of the government called Mr Kay   This is how the President would apply to interest the UN Monitoring Group to stop TEST about corruption in the government, which is one of the activities concerning the oil and any depth to expand into likely to come outside data assets fraud range of family Silanyo involved yeelankaro.

Mr Nicholas Kay mid-2013 he was Special Representative of the Somalia commission appointed by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, while the Monitoring Group of seven members appointed directly to the Security Council of the United Nations. Although the group is to madaxdabanaan work they cooperate with Nickolos Kay and the political head of all activities under the United Nations named a street in the land of the Somali Republic, which of the two states in the madaxbanaanaa of Somaliland and Somalia unified in 1960.

Mr Kay has since been appointed taking now keep only arrived in Somaliland after formerly president of coming here seen to impede the independence and sovereignty of the country setting of Somaliland (Sovereignty), which country and opposition politicians and the community at large maxaafid Somaliland government supported mawqifkeedaasi Man Nicholos Kay.

Somaliland Foreign Minister Mohamed Yonis Mare invitation of the government of President Ahmed is a member of functional Mr Kay spoke just after the ANI data published yesterday by volume factors.

UN Monitoring Group’s report recently released Sh Wasiirkiisii ​​former State Foosiya Haji Yusuf allegedly weecsadeen delayed payments in banks outside of the former government of Somalia had been fired in January 1991.

Source: Xinhua