Somaliland: ‘Things are worse now than two months ago’

Conditions have got worse in just two months. Credit: ITV News

The Governor of Somaliland’s drought-ravaged eastern province of Togdheer stood calmly against a backdrop of flimsy shelters created out of thorn bushes and scraps of plastic and torn cloth that had sprung up in the two months that I’d last been in the villages around Einaabo.

There were only a few makeshift camps for rural communities fleeing hunger and the threat of famine back then, now there are many more.

I asked him how things were since the last time I was here to report on Somaliland’s worst drought in over a century.

He fixed me with a grim stare before he said: “When you and your colleagues from ITV were last here, people were able to cope and could think about surviving this drought, now they are on the verge of death.”…READ MORE