Somaliland : First dwarfs People association In Africa + Pictures


Hargeisa, (HargeisaPress) — Somaliland is a Self-determination state although internationally recognized as an autonomous region of Somalia, but somaliland is different from that in terms of peace , freedom of expression , elections and democracy process, now first dwarf association in africa was announce the capital of hargeisa.

Somaliland lies in northwestern Somalia, on the southern coast of the Gulf of Aden. It is bordered by the autonomous Puntland region of Somalia to the east, Djibouti to the northwest, and Ethiopia to the south and west. Its territory has an area of 137,600 square kilometres (53,100 sq mi), with approximately 3.5 million residents including dwarf people who mostly live in hargeisa the Capital of somaliland.


The dwarf people in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland have announced their own an association that brings together dwarfs to fight stereotypes within the community. 32 years old Shueb Hassan Duale, Nimo Abdi 19 and Mustafa Hassan 29 who are the pioneers of the Association people with dwarfs somaliland told BBC Somali Version , the association is to work the interest of and challenges that is facing the dwarf community in somaliland.


Nimo Abdi called for somaliland community , government , privately companies to respect their rights and end unnecessary stigma.


Shaeb Hassan Dualle who spoke BBC Said ” Association people dwarf in Somaliland consists of 27 members, 12 of these people are in the capital where others lives in the other cities of somaliland “

Shueb Duale also mentioned the APDS will not work only the interests of dwarf community in somaliland but they will work the general welfare of the community such as hygiene and social awareness.


The new dwarf association is not first organization and owned by particular community in Somaliland same like this association with disabilities people were announced before.