Somaliland Deputy President Visits Troops in the Frontline to boots its morale


By: Farrah Mohumed

TUKARAQ–Somaliland’s Vice President, Hon. Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail aka Sayli’i on Monday has visited frontlines in Takaruq town in Sool region in order to boost the morale of the armed forces stationed there to secure the border with Puntland, a semi-autonomous regional state in Somalia which has been encroaching Somaliland’s  territorial borders which date back to the colonial era.

The Vice President leading a high level ministerial delegation paid a courtesy visit to army barracks in Takaruq which its armed forces have driven out of Puntland backed militia which aims to destabilize Somaliland stability and peace in the eastern regions.The Defense minister, water affairs minister and assistant minister for information accompanied the vice president’s visit to the army bases in the Sool region. The Army Cheif Major General Nuh Tani has briefed the Vice President on the recent aggression launched by militia soldiers backed by Puntland in a bid to instigate unrest and chaos in Somaliland which maintained its law and order over the years without the backing of int’l support. Mr. Tani has apprised the VP and said that the armed forces are executing their national duty in defending the nation from any foe and further added that Puntland amassed troops in nearby areas in the border although he insisted that Somaliland does not want to engage war with its neighbor. Defense minister of Somaliland, Hon.

Ise Ahmed Yusuf has conveyed a clear message to Somalia and unequivocally said that Somaliland does not want to wage war with its neighbors. The minister has reiterated that Somaliland will continue to live in peace and harmony with its neighbor but stressed the importance of peace. VP has informed men and women in boots that they should not first start war but do all they can to secure borders by peaceful means. He urged to defend themselves if they are attacked by enemies.

The VP and his delegate have monitored the real situation of armed forces stationed in the border region with Puntland particularly Tukaraq which SL forces drove out of Puntland mercenaries who claim to own the region by ethnic basis. Somaliland and Puntland locked horns on the control of Sool, Sanaag and Ayn. Somalia is backing Puntland to destabilize Somaliland’s stability over the years. Somaliland argues that this belongs to her by border demarcation dating back to colonial era while Puntland is saying that it part of her territory by kinship. The Int’l community called the hostility to an end by urging both sides to resolve their dispute by peaceful manner.