Plant a Tree, Plant Hope(GEED BEER RAJO BEER)

GEED BEER RAJO BEER waa fikir uu alifay wiil dhalinyara oo somaliland u dhashay Mohamaed Abdirahman wuxuu qayb ka yahay xaalufka iyo nabaad guurka dhirta wuxuu tartan ugu jiraa shanta qof ee arimaha deegaanka aduunka u tartamaya waxaa dhamaan umadda reer somaliland ka codsanayaa inay codkooda siiyaan.

Linkga raac formka kaasoo horbaxa buuxi

Geed Beer, Rejo Beer (“Plant a Tree, Plant Hope”) is a youth-led campaign to restore hope in Somaliland. My country is suffering from an extreme drought, exacerbated by climate change. Famine is now widespread. Severe deforestation, primarily for the production of charcoal, is rapidly diminishing the small patches of forest that still remain. The need for action is urgent and so I have decided to lead the change. My big idea is to plant trees in cities while educating youth in schools and universities about the importance of forests and mobilizing them to participate in a nationwide reforestation programme. This will build on work that I have already undertaken to promote tree-planting at weddings, graduation ceremonies, and schools. My goal is to bring back the forests of Somaliland and foster a national culture in which caring for the environment is recognized by everyone as their moral responsibility.