EUCAP Somalia organises fourth Police-Judiciary cooperation workshop in Garowe


GAROWE —EUCAP Somalia organised a workshop on cooperation between the Police and the Judiciary in Garowe, Puntland State of Somalia, from July 2nd to 8th.

The aim of the workshop was to further enhance the level of cooperation between judges, prosecutors and police, and to improve their knowledge of maritime security related legislation, both national and international.

The workshop was opened by the Puntland Deputy Attorney General Mohamed Hareed and the Head of the Field Office Garowe Rins Joustra.

The twenty-five Somali participants included 6 police officers from the Crime Investigation Department (CID), 8 prosecutors ( 4x women), and 6 judges, including representatives of the Supreme Court, who – between them – hailed from a number of different regions (Bari and Karkaar) in Puntland.

Lectures were delivered on subjects such as International and Somali Maritime legislation, Human Trafficking and Human Smuggling, and cooperation between police and prosecutors.

A session of the workshop was also dedicated to looking at the work of the Joint Maritime Information and Coordination Center (JMICC), a body that was established (although it is not yet fully operational) with the support of EUCAP Somalia in Garowe.

The workshop also carried out case studies on investigation/prosecution of maritime crime and principles of fair trial. Presentations were delivered by a wide range of lecturers from different backgrounds and organisations, including experts from both the EU and UN (UNSOM).