Admas University Has Made It Night Break A Welcoming And Introductory Ceremony Between Students Of This Year’s High School Completed In The Country.


Hargeisa – Admas  University  Has Made  It  Night Break A Welcoming  And Introductory  Ceremony  Between Admas University  And  Students  Of  This  Year’s High  School  Completed In The Country.

The event took place at Admas  University  headquarters  at  thein Hargeisa and participated in the university  administration, the  honorary  gues t and   students  of  this  year’s high school.

The  Deputy  Chair-man  Admas   University,Prof. Hussein  Abdillahi  Mohamud   spoke  about  the various  elements  of education  and  what  he  has  been  preparing  for  the  new  year  at  the university.  “Education  varies  from  one  place  to  another r, such  as primary  education  in  primary school,  Elementary level  and  also  high  school  “This is  the third  level of  education,  and the university is one  of the  leading universities  in  the  country,” said  Hussein.

He  added  that  “many  of y our family  members  and friends  are  not able  to reach  this  level  today, and  some  of  these  come  to  the  conclusion  that  our  commitment  to  reach  the  level  of  education in  the  first  degree )  where as  some  may  have   to  surpass  and  continue  education “.  Chairman Hussein  voiced students  to  reach  high  goals  for  student  needs   to  become  high  level  in  your  life  improving  said, “When  you  want  to  achieve  your  goal,  do not  take  away  from  slow  not persuade degree  or  level  of university  reach a higher  goal”.

He  also  talked  about the  difference  in  education  and  said: “The level of education is different from the  elementary  school  and the  middle of the school, the  most  common  education  that  students need  to  make  more  reading  and  research .  When  a  student  comes  out  of high school ,  there are two  major  questions  in his  life  that  need to  be  answered.  What are  the  two  questions  you are studying? and university studies?.

Author: Chief Editorial  In  Hargeisa Press News.

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